General objectives

The project The Heart of Istria aims to contribute to the promotion of a cultural tourism in Istria to the European peoples, to create cross – border tourist itinerary, to increase scientific evaluation of the cultural heritage in order to create new tourist destinations in towns or in rural area.

Specific objectives are: to enhance existing or to create new tourist destinations in towns or rural areas in Istria, to establish joint tourist area and cross – border cultural and tourist cooperation, to stimulate a cooperation with relevant national, regional, municipal or local institutions, to reveal a good practice model, to produce cross – border tourist itinerary, to evaluate the cultural heritage, to enhance public awareness concerning cultural heritage by publishing final results and promoting new tourist products.

This project will be realised through four integral work packages: effective project management, itinerary of the cultural heritage in urban and rural areas of Istria, itinerary of architectural and archaeological heritage in Istria, publishing, promotion, dissemination and verification of final results. MScientific and tourist method will lead to publishing of final result, a tourist booklet about medieval frescoes, statutes, castles, archaeological parks, the Venetian architectural monuments and other parts of the cultural heritage that were so far neglected.

Page updated: 30. 06. 2008.