Novosti i događanja

15.11.06 13:50

Assembly of the project Committee in Buzet

Committee members and cultural experts attended a meeting coordinated by the administrative bodies of the Town of Buzet. The project team members were present at the Meeting of the project Committee, while four other meetings, assembling experts from different cultural fields, took place. It was discussed about the necessity for a scientific and tourist evaluation of castles, frescoes and the Venetian heritage.

Project activities and deadlines concerning a completion not only of new text material appropriate for tourist guide textbooks, but also of expert and professional articles, were adopted. There was debate about methodology and scientific approach essential for project implementation. It was also discussed about the way of disseminating results and presenting the cultural heritage to tourist providers, tourists, cultural employees and public. It was agreed on financing of the promotional film that will improve the endorsement of the cultural heritage in order to develop cultural tourism. Moreover, project logotype was approved so as to sublimate project objectives as well as to intensify project recognisability. The experts decided on which archaeological sites to carry out a research since it is not possible to elaborate all of them. The Slovenian partner presented the medieval Statutes of Izola and Piran. The Statutes are representative examples of Istrian urban expression and identity. The Statutes were published in the frame of WP2 Itinerary of the cultural heritage in urban and rural areas of Istria - the path of the traditional practices and heritage of Istrian towns.

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